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I plan on using DW as my blogging platform for my website, which hopefully will go up in the next two weeks. So, get into the practice of blogging again, self!

It's been so long since I really blogged. All of my previous blogs were filled with angst. So today, I start off with a clean slate and with pictures (because I have been re-sizing things, wow!) because pictures are infinitely more interesting than words words words.

... except I need an image url. ;;sigh;;

Last night I made:

  • kinpira gobo (for sushi) -- burdock root (gobo is easier to say) strips, sauteed in soy sauce, sake, and sugar-- it is actually the most delicious dish in the world.

  • sushi --

    • inari (the sweet fried tofu/bean-curd that you stuff with rice and sesame seeds!)

    • avocado, cucumber, umeshiso, wasabi (my friend R made a wasabi sushi without rice. WOW.)

  • Meranie-curry - so, my idea of a successful curry includes tofu, kabocha (pumpkin*), and satsumaimo (sweet potato*), in that order. Last night's curry was all of the above plus broccoli, carrot, and onion. YUM!

  • Iced tea! I made it by mixing houjicha (a roasted green tea), barley tea, and roasted corn tea, and diluting with water. I was going for a 16cha (16-flavored tea-- if you live in Japan or Korea (it's 17-flavors there, I think) taste, and I feel it was somewhat successful. It was refreshing!

My friend R brought mochi ice cream for C, as this was an impromptu surprise birthday party in her honor, and we sat around my living room with my roommate's cats laughing and having a good time.

Surprise on-the-fly party: success.

What would I do differently?

  • Make snacking sushi ahead of time, also to provide an idea of what kind of sushi everyone wants to make

  • cook 2 batches of rice.

  • remember to make tamagoyaki (egg omelet*)

  • set up some kind of picnic blanket on floor rather than eating over carpet

*but better! These are approximations in English.


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