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Being "grounded" sounds like a bad thing if you grew up in the 80s or 90s; in my case, being grounded means having a sturdy, supportive foundation.

Recently I have been spending mutually-grounding evenings with a friend from college. Being with B reminded me that I do have value, that I bring things into relationships, that I'm real and un-alone (especially in thinking, "where do I belong? Which path is right? Am I doing this right???") There have been a lot of synchronous moments, like Neil Gaiman's commencement speech (which I highly suggest you listen to if you're a struggling artist) being in my facebook feed and becoming aware (through B's affirmations) that I am actually worth noticing.

The culminating pinnacle of the grounding came about on my me-time date to the farmer's market/cafe breakfast: a girl saw me art-ing (working on C [my fiancee*]'s birthday present) and reached out. I feel like I've known this girl all my life and I want to be instant friends with her/collaborate/be accepted with her. She graduated from SCAD and is trying to break through; I gave her a suggestion on how to start as a photographer of foods (come into my cafe and we can build a website together) and told her of my own rejection (my gorgeous idea of how to shape a storefront shot down because of my "retail experience/not being interactive" -- "how clique-ish" we agree). So I have plans to, with this new friend, do something awesome that will hopefully lead to dream-goals.

* C and I are separated by about 9.5 years, and we have very similar philosophies on how to raise children, clean things (no bleach!), and our preferred age of children are complementary; "clearly we should wed" I said, and she agreed, and so we became affianced.


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