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If the Catholic Church were the law of the land, then both of my brothers and I would be considered bastards, having been conceived and born out of wedlock. My parents are interfaith, Catholic and Jewish, and they legally married at the justice of the peace. In the eyes of the church, however, my father had committed a mortal sin and was denied communion, heaven, and having his children baptized/go to heaven/receive communion, until my mom and dad had a church wedding.*

Doesn't this sound backwards?

Marriage is defined, in the state of NC, as the union between a man and a woman, i.e. if you are not heterosexual, you may not get married in NC.

"The Amendment" that was on the ballot was this:

"Marriage between one man and one woman is the only domestic legal union that shall be valid or recognized in this State."

Continuing, from wikipedia (but absent from the ballot):
"This section does not prohibit a private party from entering into contracts with another private party; nor does this section prohibit courts from adjudicating the rights of private parties pursuant to such contracts."

The bill prohibits not only same-sex marriages, but civil unions."

Which means that unmarried people carrying dependents on their insurance, caring for children in their home, visiting a sick/injured/dying partner in hospital will no longer be recognized and protected by the state. If you're unmarried, according to the government and not just to your church, you're "living in sin." So, disguising this as a religious issue, proponents of this bill know that it's really about money, privilege, and being able to discriminate against supposed undesirables.

Gay marriage is already illegal here.

It's still discrimination. It's wrong.

*Yes, I know that as an adult or child of my own accord I could/can choose to convert to Catholicism, but Catholics baptize as a baby in the event of infant mortality/childhood illness, and these things scared the living hell out of me as a kid.
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Today was hectic! But I signed up for the interview, worked, drove to Roxboro, got my teeth drilled (knowing what a drill looks like and what the specific drill bits do, a bit unnerving), filled (no need for pain meds, which was awesome), went home for a few minutes, drove back to Durham, fed cats, ran to class, finished up web design, came home, and am waiting for the bleach treatment to be over.

It's oddly foamy and uncomfortable. But, my roommate swears it's worth it.

Two more minutes...
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I'm figuring stuff out with CSS and I think I ought to do what I did in class: style using CSS in the html, then cut/paste into a text document (saved as a .css, of course)

My website at first is not going to be a thousand pages like I planned at first! In fact, by tomorrow, I will be surprised if I even have three pages strung together.


Tomorrow I get my first two fillings ever. And I need to sign up for that interview in Charlotte on Saturday, since I'm off. And sign up for a science praxis. Holy crap, is this my life???

(good news? I'M A KITTY AUNT OMG SHE IS THE MOST GORGEOUS KITTY (of course I'm biased) Maybe I can be promoted to godmother?? I SHOULD KNIT HER A BLANKET)
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I plan on using DW as my blogging platform for my website, which hopefully will go up in the next two weeks. So, get into the practice of blogging again, self!

It's been so long since I really blogged. All of my previous blogs were filled with angst. So today, I start off with a clean slate and with pictures (because I have been re-sizing things, wow!) because pictures are infinitely more interesting than words words words.

... except I need an image url. ;;sigh;;

Last night I made:

  • kinpira gobo (for sushi) -- burdock root (gobo is easier to say) strips, sauteed in soy sauce, sake, and sugar-- it is actually the most delicious dish in the world.

  • sushi --

    • inari (the sweet fried tofu/bean-curd that you stuff with rice and sesame seeds!)

    • avocado, cucumber, umeshiso, wasabi (my friend R made a wasabi sushi without rice. WOW.)

  • Meranie-curry - so, my idea of a successful curry includes tofu, kabocha (pumpkin*), and satsumaimo (sweet potato*), in that order. Last night's curry was all of the above plus broccoli, carrot, and onion. YUM!

  • Iced tea! I made it by mixing houjicha (a roasted green tea), barley tea, and roasted corn tea, and diluting with water. I was going for a 16cha (16-flavored tea-- if you live in Japan or Korea (it's 17-flavors there, I think) taste, and I feel it was somewhat successful. It was refreshing!

My friend R brought mochi ice cream for C, as this was an impromptu surprise birthday party in her honor, and we sat around my living room with my roommate's cats laughing and having a good time.

Surprise on-the-fly party: success.

What would I do differently?

  • Make snacking sushi ahead of time, also to provide an idea of what kind of sushi everyone wants to make

  • cook 2 batches of rice.

  • remember to make tamagoyaki (egg omelet*)

  • set up some kind of picnic blanket on floor rather than eating over carpet

*but better! These are approximations in English.


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